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Up until recently, I thought Vision (or Mood) Boards were something teenage girls, aspiring to be the next Katy Price, pinned to their bedroom walls. That is until a friend introduced me to hers.  As she explained how it works, a light went off in my head and I began to see the value. I drove home making a diversion via the stationary store and stocked up with materials to create my own.


Supported by a full pot of coffee to aid my creativity, I began.



Giving life to my dreams was a lot harder than I had first thought. With only a limited space to work with, I had to dive deep to find the right way to express my goals and ambitions in a single picture or word. In this process, I discovered I had not been true to myself and was following someone else’s (my mentor’s) expectation of success.


It was a second lightbulb moment and the single thing that would transform my approach to doing business online and unlock my opportunity to succeed.


Back in the days of corporate life, I wrote more business plans than I care to think of and to my shame, I rarely gave them a second thought once the final paragraph had been written. But it’s not the same with vision boards.


By creating a pictorial image of your business/life plan and hanging it somewhere prominent where you see it every day, you have a constant reminder of the direction you are heading and what you need to do to get there.


It becomes effortless to stay on track and follow your journey in the right direction. Not only do you keep your eye directly on the prize, your focus also lands on the smaller micro goals you need to get there.


Vision boards are the new way to create a business plan that focuses your mind all day, every day and guides your action.


To find out exactly how to create a vision board and apply it to your business planning, check out our digiskills course Planning for Business Success with Vision Boards.


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