When I think of TikTok what comes to mind is an endless stream of short videos showing people dancing, singing, lip syncing, mashups and comic sketches.


It started out as a social platform for teenagers and young adults, but is slowly attracting a wider range of age groups.


It’s not surprising that the platform is taking active steps to attract a wider audience. Like Instagram and Facebook, the potential to commercialise TikTok and make it another market place is enormous.


But however tempting it is to jump into this new marketplace, it comes with some controversy and fears not only that moral codes could be breached, but also personal and national security could be at risk, too. Countries like India and Pakistan have banned this social media platform and USA have threatened the same, but it’s still thriving and more and more people are joining everyday.


Despite the controversy, TikTok is being labelled as the new Instagram and is almost virgin territory for online marketers to jump into. Those that have already taken the leap are reaping the rewards and some are making significant additional income as a direct result of their posts.


If you want in on this new trend, there is no better time than now to opt in.


Not as a pioneer, but following close behind and gaining an advantage as an early adopter.


If you want to know if this new platform could be a good fit for you, book a 15 minute Discovery Call with me and I’ll tell you.





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