Since I began this journey into online marketing, I’ve been bombarded with promises:

  • To earn money while I sleep  
  • To generate a F/T income with just 20 minutes work a day 
  • To make money in 30 days (or under)
  • Earn $300/day by giving away free stuff 
  • Make $1000/day with a Done For You Sytem
  • Earn commisions with someone else doing the selling 

Okay, you get the idea and I’m sure you’ve all seen many different promises like this too.

When I started this journey, I admit I was tempted even though I knew deep down they were too good to be true.  And I must admit I did part with cash for courses, bluprints and systems that quite frankly did not live up to any of their promises.

But I did learn a lot and it was not what I expected … I learned that:

There’s an awful lot of gurus promoting a system that Talks the Talk but doesn’t Walk the Walk.

Many of the bluprints tell only part of the story and you feel left hanging until you buy the next course to fill that gap before discovering the next one.

The reality is not always what it seems.

No promise can deliver instant results 

Success in this online marketplace needs commitment, constistency, perserverance and the right mentorship.

It’s taken me a while, but my BS radar now dings loud and clear when an advert pops up on Instagram or FB and I now find it much easier to sort out the true leaders from the pseudo-gurus. That has been a game-changer for me and the catalyst for my current achievements.

And before you ask me what this has to do with making cheese, let me share with you this …

Like making cheese, with online marketing you must keep the process moving, have patience, learn from people with proven skills, and give the process the love and attention it deserves. 

If you are still trying to find that elusive formula to set you on the right track, ask me a question in the comments below, and let’s chat. 

Halloumi…. I’l give you my recipe for Halloumi cheese too.

All the best 



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