hamster wheel with man inside


The alarm rings at 6.00. Still half asleep, you stumble into the kitchen to switch the coffee on to brew while you jump into the shower and choose an office appropriate outfit to wear.  You put on your last PPE mask (you need to pick up more on the way home), grab your bag and your thermal mug of coffee and head to the station. Despite social distancing the trains into the city are still crowded and you stand all the way on the 30 minute journey. It’s still dark and there’s nothing to see from the windows. There’s a woman standing close to you that’s wearing an overpowering perfume. You want to sneeze, but you daren’t … not in these times … it would scare people.

Arriving at the office, you speak briefly to the receptionist before taking the elevator to the open plan area where your booth is located. As you wait for your computer to boot up, you look at the photograph pinned to the screening of your workstation and remember the feel of hot sun on your skin, evenings full of relaxed enjoyment, and liberation from the shackles of the time clock.

… 295 …

That’s the number of days left before you can escape again … before your next vacation. 

Not for the first time you dream of leaving the rat race and pursuing a more fulfilling, less mundane and stress-free life.

The phone rings and the familiar sound of your boss’ voice breaks your thoughts and brings you crashing back to reality. Picking up the file on top of your inbox you stand wearily before turning in the direction of the fish bowl in the corner of the open plan area. Your boss sits inside red-faced and angry as always.

If only you could find a way to leave this hellhole.

But there’s security in sticking with what you know and there’s the mortgage to consider, the car payments to complete and the family to support. 

As you return to your workstation you feel a tightness in your chest and the start of a headache. 

Same sh***t … different day!

If only you could find a way to escape!

Can you relate to this?

Do you buy a lottery ticket every week hoping that one day your numbers will be drawn, and you’ll never have to work again? 

Do you dream of financial freedom and a boss-free existence?

Have you ever googled how to work from home or online?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, drop me a comment and tell me how your life would look if you could jump off the hamster wheel and realise your dreams. 


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