COVID-19 will become a distant memory … one day… but the long term effects of the lockdowns and other restrictions this year (and most likely next year too) will inevitably have a devastating effect on many traditional industries, especially those such as entertainment, training and even therapy businesses that bring large groups of people together.

We’ve already seen companies closing and many job losses and whereas some governments are giving state assistance, this can’t last forever.

Most families, my own included, have seen the effects of unemployment or college closures, first hand. And my own natural therapy business came to an abrupt halt when I was unable to sit face to face with patients in my clinic.

I’ve taken my health consultancy online, but its not been an easy transition and I’ve spent months working out the best ways to build my business back up again in this new environment.

Although I often feel I am starting again from ground zero (despite over 20 years as a practising health therapist), I am certain that moving all my business online is the best and most effective solution to overcome the problems that COVID-19 has brought crashing down on us all this year by future-proofing earnings opportunity from this day forth.

I’m sure I’m not alone in seeing the digital world offering stability and whatever your skills might be, you’d be well advised to examine the opportunities that the internet offer, but don’t expect it to be plain sailing. It takes work and commitment to build a business online and without proper guidance you can flounder in the internet marketing pool for a very long time.

I know I did. Taking courses, following gurus, trying to work it out for myself and its only recently that I found a mentor I could trust that has given me the direction I needed and the tools to be successful.

Everything of any real value cost money and I thought long and hard before taking the leap … but I am glad I did!

So check out the mentor program I chose to follow HERE and see what you think. You can reach out to me if you have any questions 




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