Q: How many coaches does it take to change a Lightbulb?

A: Just One, but the lightbulb needs to want to change.

What Is Coaching? 

Okay, dad jokes apart… The purpose of coaching is to facilitate transformational change in you by unlocking the potential you carry inside.

The process is always tailored to your specific circumstances, but in general it will involve …

Replacing old habits with new ones 

Removing limiting beliefs

Creating focused goals

Clarifying direction and purpose

Identify knowledge gaps

Unpacking the value in your mentorship trainings

Applying your knowledge to the real world

Motivation, accountability and reinforcement

As a client driven process, success coaching will bring about your desired transformation by helping you remap your perception of your world and identify the exact steps you need to take to realise your vision

The coach will tease out the best in you and help you develop the plans strategies and mindset to move forward.

I must give a word of warning here, success demands commitment and we won’t take on any coaching clients who aren’t serious about 

achieving results. To this end, we ask that you only check out our coaching programs if you are willing and able to commit to the process.

So what’s the next step?

If you feel you can make a commitment to creating a brighter future for yourself, then book a discovery call with one of our coaches to determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

We Fit the Coaching to Suit You

We recognise that everybody is different so offer a range of access points to our coaching so have organised our coaching to take into consideration not only cost but also the time people have available to commit. Whichever access point suits you best, you will receive the same high level of value from the sessions.

Throughout the duration of the coaching we will work together to:

Identify where you are in comparison to where you want to be.

Clarify your vision and set your goals.

Explore your wheel of life and find balance.

Explore options, solutions and needed action steps.

Decide on micro goals for immediate action.

Create an implementation plan with quantifiable markers.


If you want to fast track your progress, we offer an intensive one-on-one coaching session that takes place over a full working day.

Working for a solid six or seven hours in one day will create a big impact on your business as you can really focus on just this one thing.

We recognise, however, that such an intense day may leave you with questions un-thought of. To address this, we include a 90 minute follow-up review between 7 to 10 days later to make sure everything is clear and all questions are answered. 

If you are juggling a full-time job, a family, and trying to create an online business to secure your future, finding a full day in your busy schedule to devote to coaching is going to be difficult.

We understand having been in the same situation ourselves.

Which is why we’ve taken the platinum program and split it into more manageable 90 minute bite-size sessions run over five weeks. 

Group coaching offers a different approach by combining pure coaching based on the participants agenda with teaching in the form of a workshop or mastermind group.

Through shared learning experience, each participant pursues their goals via support system of the other members of the group throughout the duration of the coaching and often beyond.

Strategies tactics and perceptions are challenged by the participants and it opens the way quickly for new ways of thinking. New the mastermind topics again towards the needs of the group but action plans and goal setting is individualised.

What you get:

One-on-one fast track coaching (six hours in a day)


90 minute follow-up review

12 months unlimited messenger/text support

7 1/2 hours of personalised coaching


12 months unlimited messenger/text support

90-minute group session each week for 12 weeks


12 months unlimited messenger/text support

Maximum group size = 10