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Anyone using the internet to build their business must get used to writing content. Whether you are a blogger, building funnels or using social media to attract your customers, there is now an expectation for you to offer your followers interesting, informative, attractive and valuable content which reflects who you are and taps into your own experiences.


The content you create will help your followers by clarifying misconceptions, providing help to overcome struggles, give motivation and entertain them with stories of your own journey – the struggles, the hardships … the breakthroughs and wins.


But your purpose in writing content is not pure altruism. You are trying to build your brand, show your authority, present your message and shout out to your tribe. And on top of this, you want to sell your products and services to others.


For most people, ‘selling’ is embarrassing … it can feel like swearing in front of your grandma and she asking you to explain what you meant … but your ability to sell your products and services is an essential part of your business and  a core element towards you being able to help others.


Some marketers are born writers who happily rise to the challenge to produce creative content on a daily basis, others shrink away from the task, suffering ‘writer’s block’ and procrastinating on getting started, and it doesn’t matter which of these you are … when it comes to writing persuasive content, the playing field is level and the skill is easily learned.


Unlike writing an academic thesis, a business report, or the next great novel, writing persuasive content to sell your product or service can be reduced down to simple formulae that give you the exact framework to use. What’s more…


Anyone can do it!


And the Digiskills 2C Framework is a comprehensive short course to show you exactly how to structure your sales copy to persuade people to buy.


The course offers about 2 hours of video content that is pure gold. It strips content writing back to the bone and gives even the most phobic writer an easy rinse and repeat structure to follow. It dives into the philosophy of why people buy and shows you how to speak to the right audience before revealing the building blocks of content and showing how to structure your sentences to hook your customer. How to tell stories that keep your audience on the edge of their seats is revealed and techniques for having never-ending inspiration for content is shared.


As one student said,

“I feel you have simplified the content writing process for me. You provided sources for content inspiration, structure, headlines and strategy.

It wasn’t so much that you provided new information, it was the way you presented in a logical and cohesive manner and in segments that were easy to comprehend.

Creating rather than being some incredibly complicated formula.”

Andrea C.


Find more details about the 2C Framework: The secrets to writing content that sells, here.



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