Websites & SEO 

Don’t leave it to chance to be ranked in Google. We will audit your website and help you optimise your site to raise you higher in the search engine.

Online Marketing 

If you’re not marketing online, you’re missing a big opportunity to increase brand awareness and sales.  Content, adverts, funnels, emails are all ways to increase your assets and gain clients.

Doing it Old School 

There’s still a big role to play in marketing your brand and products on billboards, TV, radio and direct mail. That’s how we started and it still works just as well today.  Let’s help you build the best strategy for your business. 

We’re Here to Serve You

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When I first moved out of the corporate world to set up my own business, I didn’t realise how many different hats I would need to wear in order to run it smoothly. I was suddenly thrown out of my ordered and regular role in sales and marketing and into a confusion of:


bookkeeping, logistics, customer support, personnel management, tax planning, business strategy, product management, training, catering, fleet management, office management, secretarial, wages … oh! and don’t forget there was still sales and marketing to do.


I was overwhelmed and unfocused, and felt like I worked 24/7 just to stay on top of things.


This wasn’t why I’d started my own enterprise and it nearly drove me to close the doors and return to corporate life. I knew I needed help, but in those early days I couldn’t afford to employ more than 2 other staff. I knew I should employ freelancers or agencies to take away some of the burden, but it was a scary world to step into, one that I had no experience of, and I struggled to justify the expense.


The crunch came when we landed a big contract with a household brand. I knew we couldn’t cope without extra help … there simply weren’t enough hours in the day. I bit the bullet and employed an agency to help with the back office – it was the best decision I ever made and was worth every penny spent as it released time for the key staff in the business and helped us catapult to the next level.


That first business was sold a few years ago and since then, I’ve established other businesses and always kept agencies and freelancers as part of my staffing strategy to enable my team to focus on their key role and not be distracted.


Huxlis Ltd came into being in mid 2020 to help people transition to marketing online in response to the change in business methods following the pandemic. Since then, we’ve been helping solopreneurs and small businesses develop their marketing strategies to take advantage of the power the internet gives.


Whether you are a local business or marketing to the world, our team is able to help you in:


SEO Audits & website optimisationContent research, writing & editingOrganic Social Media MarketingGoogle, Facebook and Instagram AdvertisingChatbots, AI & AppsCustomer Relationship ManagementBillboard advertisingEmail marketingYouTube MarketingSales, Webinar & Membership FunnelsPowerpoint PresentationsVirtual Assistants

….have I missed anything out?


There are many ways we can help you take away some of the mundane jobs needed to run your business leaving you to work ON your business rather than IN it.


I know we can offer valuable help to your business to take away some of the strains and leave you time to focus on the areas that matter most. So why not book a short introductory call to discuss what you are struggling with most right now and to determine a plan to help you.

Kate Orange 


Kate orange

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our clients say:

Finding traffic using Facebook was was a challenge for my language learning business, but after talking to Kate on a discovery call, she has suggested a different strategy using forums.

I’ve had success with posting videos on Reddit.

Oskar B.

Online Language Teacher

I feel you have simplified the content writing process for me. You provided sources for content inspiration, structure, headlines and strategy.

It wasn’t so much that you provided new information, it was the way you presented in a logical and cohesive manner and in segments that were easy to comprehend.

Creating rather than being some incredibly complicated formula.

Andrea C.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketer

I had a dream to open an online store to sell locally made products. But I didn’t know where to begin. After a full day spent with my coach, my business was registered, I had a business strategy in place, I knew where to source my products and I was connected to someone who could build my Shopify store.

I couldn’t have got so far so quickly on my own.

Faith S.

Shopify Store Owner

I’d created a blog for my dog training business but had no idea how to get it ranked on Google. The team at Huxlis audited my site and identified areas to improve my ranking. With this information and a few alterations I moved from unseen to page 4 and am now starting to see organic traffic coming through.

Puppyschool 101