“Believe in yourself and in the process and you will achieve your goals.”


“Don’t try to reinvent the wheel … learn the right way to succeed from those who’ve proved the way before you.”


“Perfection is the enemy of progress …take imperfect action TODAY!”

About us

Welcome to Huxlis .

When COVID-19 hit the world, it turned most people’s lives upside down. Our family was no different. The traditional jobs that we had done before became impossible to do. Both my son and I worked in the health field, my daughter in hospitality and their partners in industries that suffered with the lockdowns that took place in response to the pandemic.Me (before social distancing) teaching a small group how to use natural remedies for first aid at home.

We were lucky that we happened to all go into lockdown together as one large extended family, and it was between the communal jigsaw marathons, games of charades and conversations about the meaning of life, that we decided unanimously that we wanted to help the world to be a better place for average people, like us.

Tallying up the skills that we have collectively attained over the years was an interesting, and sometimes eye-opening, experience. If ever self-doubt rears its ugly head, it’s an exercise I recommend doing as it’s only when you commit your life skills to paper that you realise that you really do have a lot to offer others.

Now the world has changed. And post-pandemic, its unlikely to return to its previous state. A new order is emerging and its online!

It was during the process of thinking how best to use this online environment to find those that we could help, we realised there are many others, just like us, who also have valuable skills they wish to share. Some will make the transition into the digital marketplace easily, but others will struggle. And it is for these people this website is written.

The combined knowledge and experience we have of digital marketing, we plan to share: the highs and the lows; the successes and failures. Take these insights and learn from them. They may make the difference between failure and success as you take your business online.

We look forward to seeing you here regularly and welcome your questions and comments.

Katy Orange

Follow a Proven Process 

Stop struggling to discover how to make money online by signing in for endless courses or YouTube Videos. Follow a proven process that has created results time and time again. 

Believe in Yourself 

Unshackle your mind from the constraints set by society and believe you can succeed … and you will.  

Take Action 

Don’t wait until you’re perfect before you launch your business … it will never get started. Take imperfect action now and refine as you go along. 

The secret of success

…is just 3 simple steps 


Nothing is better than social proof that a system works. So, watch this case study and check out the student results. 

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Joshua ong

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Jamie gardener 

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