“Believe in yourself and in the process and you will achieve your goals.”


“Don’t try to reinvent the wheel … learn the right way to succeed from those who’ve proved the way before you.”


“Perfection is the enemy of progress …take imperfect action TODAY!”

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Welcome to Huxlis .

The year 2020 will go down in history as the one that changed the way we view our work life, forever. With so many countries in lockdown, our homes became our workplace and Zoom where we visit with clients, run team meetings and even have the office party.

Those of us that kept our jobs felt lucky as many others lost out to business closures, especially in hospitality, retail and peripheral health care–industries all reliant on social contact.

Security of employment could no longer be taken for granted and a new mindset emerged–one focused on financial independence and the entrepreneurial way. A swarm of new marketers leapt online ready to make their fortunes, and create security for themselves and their families from the comfort of their armchair.

Currently over 41% of the workforce in first world countries now works from home and all the indicators suggest this will only grow.

A new order in the workplace has emerged…

... its online and entrepreneurial!

Now this all sounds great and exciting, but it is fraught with difficulties for the Newbie trying to get to grips with how the online marketplace functions. The space has become flooded with gurus, mentors and coaches keen for the opportunity to share their own experiences in the form of a course.

And there’s nothing wrong with that apart from the fact that most mentoring programs fail to deliver the BIG PROMISE for the majority of people.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case and it’s not down to the content. Most programs are all but identical in their strategies with a few quirks thrown in for good measure.

More often than not, failure comes from unrealistic expectations, a lack of complete mindset retraining, an impersonal approach to course delivery, insufficient accountability, or simply becoming overwhelmed by the whole process and reluctant to take action.

This is my cue to enter the arena…

The pandemic trapped me on the other side of the world to my brick and mortar consultancy business. I tried to move it online, but the very nature of the business made it impossible to continue giving the level of service my clients were used to. 

I needed to pivot into something more suited to the internet and this led me into affiliate marketing. 

It’s a very simple model and perhaps the easiest way to start a business for a variety of reasons. With mentorship and the promise of a proven framework, I expected to be able to quickly implement the action plan and be earning within 3 months. 

I was committed to work hard, followed everything taught step by step, and with a solid background in corporate life and running my own business, I was confident I would achieve my modestly-set goals.

It wasn’t to be and I found myself going through 6 different mentors trying to find the Secret Sauce.

I never found it, but I did find the Missing Link in all of these mentorship programs. That one small part that sets people up for failure rather than success.

At this point, I discarded my ambitions to become an affiliate marketer and decided to refocus on what I’m good at and return to my previous role as a coach and counsellor, but this time within the online marketing space helping new marketers find clarity and direction, and leading them to a complete understanding of how to unwrap the materials within their training and apply this knowledge to the real world, and filling in the gaps where necessary.

Since then I have worked with many affiliate marketers and helped them build strong foundations needed for them to realise their vision. 

If you feel your business could benefit from a little extra help, book a FREE call with me and let’s review your business and assess the struggles you’re having. Together we can work out a plan to catapult your forward.

Katy Orange

Follow a Proven Process 

Stop struggling to discover how to make money online by signing in for endless courses or YouTube Videos. Follow a proven process that has created results time and time again. 

Believe in Yourself 

Unshackle your mind from the constraints set by society and believe you can succeed … and you will.  

Take Action 

Don’t wait until you’re perfect before you launch your business … it will never get started. Take imperfect action now and refine as you go along. 

The secret of success

…is just 3 simple steps 


Nothing is better than social proof that a system works. So, check out what others have said. 


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