“Believe in yourself, set solid goals and be prepared to do whatever it takes for success.”


“Take guidance from those who’ve discovered the path before you.”


“Have a plan to follow, a target to aim for and take focused action every day … without fail.”

About us

The Future Workplace is Online and Entrepreneurial

The year 2020 will go down in history as the one that changed the way we view our work life, forever. With so many countries in lockdown, our homes became our workplace and Zoom where we visit with clients, run team meetings and even have the office party.

Those that kept jobs felt lucky as many others lost out to business closures as the effects of the pandemic trickled through the economy, but just about everyone now realises that security of employment can no longer be taken for granted. A new mindset has emergedโ€“visionaries focused on financial independence and the entrepreneurial way. Determined to secure a future for themselves and their families that is sustainable, ethical, and online.

And creating a business online is simpleโ€“no need for expensive offices, troublesome employees, long business trips away from loved ones. Much of the time, you won’t even need to handle the product or after sales care, yourself.

You can start an online business in as little as an afternoon with minimal investment and could potentially be earning the next day, although in reality it usually takes a little longer. In this latter respect and online business is no different from any other entrepreneurial enterprise โ€“ you need to set realistic goals, supply plenty of effort, some investment, and maintain nerves of steel to build the right skills to achieve real success.

The team at Huxlis have learned this the hard way, with each member coming from a different starting point and bringing different skills gained over decades in business and coaching, both online and off-line. Although our paths have been different, we’ve all shared the same struggles and been grateful for the helping hands offered us along our journey bringing us to where we are today.

There comes a time to pay forward for the help received along the way and extend the same generosity to help you create a viable and sustainable business online.


We’re Here to Serve You

service desk

I don’t know who first coined the phrase, but you hear every online Guru talk about ‘serving the customer’ and you have to ask the questionโ€ฆ What does that actually mean in practice?

When our team first came together we considered how we wanted to serve our customers. It was clear that although there are plenty of resources available to help the online marketer, finding it is always a headache and consumes time like a starving man. As our brainstorming continued, it became clear that here was our opportunity to help people, to take away one of the biggest struggles that all online marketers faceโ€ฆ … and give you a map with the right information on it.

Stay up-to-date
Build on your skills
Niche research

The Internet is constantly changing and with it so do algorithms, marketing strategies, consumer trends, government initiatives, etc., When you’re busy trying to build a business it’s hard to stay on top of the news. That’s where our team can help. We monitor the trends, watch out for the breaking news and summarise it in an easy format for you to always stay on top of changes in the marketplace.

It’s true that there’s always more to know than you have time to learn which is why we created a range of micro skills courses so you can take a just-in-time approach on your ongoing personal development and focus on what you need to knowโ€ฆ Now! We also offer a range of mentorship programs and success coaching to help you fast track your progress.

If you don’t understand your customer, you have little chance of making sales which is why we’ve had it in this research section to give you the key facts and figures about your niche, I like typical struggles for your client avatar, and help you become more focused on who it is you’re destined to serve.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our clients say:

Finding traffic using Facebook was was a challenge for my language learning business, but after talking to Kate on a discovery call, she has suggested a different strategy using forums.

I’ve had success with posting videos on Reddit.

Oskar B.

Online Language Teacher

I feel you have simplified the content writing process for me. You provided sources for content inspiration, structure, headlines and strategy.

It wasn’t so much that you provided new information, it was the way you presented in a logical and cohesive manner and in segments that were easy to comprehend.

Creating rather than being some incredibly complicated formula.

Andrea C.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketer

I had a dream to open an online store to sell locally made products. But I didn’t know where to begin. After a full day spent with my coach, my business was registered, I had a business strategy in place, I knew where to source my products and I was connected to someone who could build my Shopify store.

I couldn’t have got so far so quickly on my own.

Faith S.

Shopify Store Owner